12.06.2024 NHHIC Executive Director Speaks at National Health Policy Conference

Robert J. McGrath, the Executive Director of the New Hampshire Health Information Center, recently delivered a keynote address at the National Health Policy Conference. McGrath, who is completing his Ph.D. in Health and Social Policy, shared insights from his comparative research on the implementation of the State Children’s Health Insurance Program in three states.

His address highlighted the critical role of state-level health policy in shaping national health outcomes, garnering significant attention from policymakers and health professionals alike.

03.05.2024 NHHIC Receives Grant for Community Health Project

The New Hampshire Health Information Center (NHHIC) has been awarded a significant grant from the Endowment for Health to support the Empowering Communities Project. This initiative aims to provide consumer and community health information through a web-based reporting and query system.

Amy Costello, a key member of the NHHIC team, will be collaborating with the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services to develop this project. The grant will enhance the capacity of local communities to access and utilize health data effectively.

12.04.2024 NHHIC Expands Collaboration with University of New Hampshire

The New Hampshire Health Information Center (NHHIC) is expanding its collaborative efforts with the University of New Hampshire. Christina Thomas, a senior majoring in Health Management and Policy at UNH, is assisting NHHIC in expanding its Health Data Inventory. Her honors thesis focuses on presenting and using health data through the internet, aiming to understand what makes health information useful. This collaboration is set to enhance the quality and accessibility of health data for New Hampshire residents.

17.01.2024 NHHIC Hosts “Prove It!” Workshop for Community Health Leaders

The New Hampshire Health Information Center (NHHIC) successfully hosted a “Prove It!” workshop aimed at community health leaders. The workshop provided participants with a comprehensive understanding of using data in community health assessment and monitoring.

It covered essential topics such as finding and evaluating health-related data, interpreting data analysis, and writing grant applications. The “Prove It!” initiative underscores NHHIC’s commitment to promoting informed decision-making and improving health outcomes across New Hampshire.

19.10.2023: NHHIC Secures Grant to Expand “Prove It! Let the Data Tell the Story” Trainings in 2024

The NHHIC is pleased to announce that it was recently awarded a project grant from the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation that will allow the NHHIC to offer two sessions of “Prove It! Let the Data Tell the Story” in 2024. The Prove It! trainings are being planned for spring and summer 2024 and will be delivered in different locations in NH.

Given the overwhelming response to Prove It! in previous offerings, the NHHIC sought funding to allow more NH health professionals to attend the session in different geographic areas.  We appreciate NHCF’s support for that effort. We look forward to welcoming two new groups to the Prove It! trainings next year. Please see the Prove It! (hyperlink) section of this web site to learn more about Prove It! Also, keep watching for the announcements of the training schedule.