Clear Choice Sub Solution Synthetic Urine: The Top Pick for Seasoned Users

Robert J. McGrath
Robert J. McGrath, Ph.D

Last updated on 2024 May 16

Sub Solution synthetic urine is identical to human urine, and is designed specifically for passing drug tests.

It is more suited for those who have experience using synthetic urine and know the tricks of keeping it concealed and warm using body heat.

It might not be the ideal choice for beginners, but for the seasoned user, it appears to offer good value.

clear choice sub solution contents

What makes this product stand out

This product claims to have the best synthetic urine formula available, capable of not only passing a drug test but also passing the validity checks that labs conduct.

It’s designed to look, smell, and even foam like real human urine, passing the initial visual inspection with ease.

sub solution synthetic urine in a cup

One of the notable features is the absence of Biocide, making it undetectable by laboratories.

It’s a unisex solution, so both males and females can use it without issue.

The urine comes in a powdered form which you’ll need to mix with water.

The quantity provided is enough for two separate uses, which means you can be prepared for multiple tests.

The bottle itself has a switch flow spout, eliminating the need to unscrew a cap when submitting the sample, and it’s leakproof, ensuring no accidental spills.

Its compact design seems easy to conceal on the body, whether you’re tucking it between your legs, in the crotch, or in a bra, making it discreet to bring into a drug testing facility.

urine bottle empty with temperature strip

It also comes with a heat activator powder, which is a quick way to bring the urine up to body temperature.

heat activator powder in bottle

Plus, there’s a temperature strip attached to the bottle, allowing you to ensure it’s at the correct temperature before submission.

sub solution kit bottle with temperature strip

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Since it’s in powdered form, you’ll need to mix it with water, which takes about 5-10 minutes. It’s crucial to use clean bottled water because tap water might contain chemicals that could cause your sample to fail the validity test.

One drawback is the absence of heat pads, making temperature maintenance somewhat tricky.

You can quickly pre-heat it with the heat activator powder, but using this powder in a drug testing room isn’t very convenient.

Additionally, there’s no measuring spoon provided for the heat activation powder, which makes getting the correct amount a bit of a challenge.

To maintain the right temperature, you might need to use heat pads or keep the bottle close to your body.

I’ve detailed various methods to keep the urine warm in the article “How to keep fake pee warm for a drug test.

How to use Sub Solution to pass a drug test

clear choice sub solution synthetic urine instructions

First, you need to prepare the urine. You can mix the synthetic urine with water up to eight hours before you need to use it.

Here’s what you do:

  1. Remove the screw cap from the bottle and fill it with room-temperature water (59°F to 77°F) to just under the cap. Ensure the water isn’t too hot or cold; clean bottled water is recommended over tap water.
  2. Don’t dispose of the cap, and don’t open the synthetic urine vial until you’re ready to use it. The same goes for the heat activator vial.
  3. Add the entire contents of the synthetic urine vial to the water in the mixing container.
  4. Screw the cap back on the bottle and gently shake it until the powder has completely dissolved.
  5. Now, your urine is ready.
A word of caution: While you can use the heat activator powder in the drug testing bathroom, I don’t recommend it. People are often nervous in these situations, leading to shaky hands and the potential for mistakes. Since you need to carefully measure the amount of heat powder, a stressful situation can easily lead to errors. Plus, you’ll need to conceal the bottle on your body.

Thus, I recommend using the heat activator powder for faster preheating before going to the drug test. This way, you’re minimizing the chances of something going wrong at the last minute.

Using heat activator powder

Before you start, ensure the heat activator powder is in a loose, granular form for easy pouring.

If it’s clumped together, a gentle tap of the vial against a hard surface should break it up.

The key principle to remember is that the lower the synthetic urine’s temperature, the more heat activator you’ll need.

However, it’s crucial to avoid overheating the solution.

If the temperature strip on the bottle doesn’t show a reading, it means the temperature is below 88°F.

In this scenario, cautiously add about 1/3 of the heat activator to the container. If the strip reads between 88°F and 92°F, only add about 1/4 of the activator.

It’s rare to need more than half of the activator without risking overheating.

Should the solution’s temperature exceed 102°F, let it cool by placing the container on a cold surface, temperature strip facing up, until it drops back into the 94°F to 100°F range (indicated in green on the strip).

After adding the activator, gently shake the container for less than 20 seconds until it dissolves. Recheck the temperature to ensure it’s within the correct range, adding more activator sparingly if necessary.

How to conceal the bottle

When you’re preparing for your test, remember that you’ll likely need to empty your pockets and might be asked to remove some clothing. If the collector notices anything unusual, like a bottle in your pocket, they might require direct observation during the sample submission, which is not ideal.

Hence, it’s best not to put the bottle in your pocket.

The most common and straightforward method is to place it in the crotch area of your underpants.

For added convenience, you might consider a special stash leg belt or trousers designed for concealment.

stash leg belt on a leg

Importantly, avoid having the container’s temperature strip against your skin, as this can give a false reading.

For a truly discreet approach, you might want to look into products like the Incognito Belt.

When you enter the drug testing bathroom, calmly retrieve the bottle, check the temperature to ensure it’s between 90°F and 100°F, then carefully pour the contents into the testing cup. Conceal the bottle again before handing over the sample to the collector.

With calm and careful preparation, you can navigate this process smoothly.

Sub Solution vs. Incognito Belt

sub solution vs incognito belt

When comparing Sub Solution and the Incognito Belt, several factors come into play.

The Incognito Belt is a stealth device featuring a urine bag that discreetly fits around your waist. It’s equipped with high-quality synthetic urine sufficient for two uses, along with two heat pads and a temperature strip for convenient temperature control.

The belt design keeps the urine bag close to your body, simplifying the task of maintaining the urine at the right temperature. In this aspect, Sub Solution, which only comes with heating powder, doesn’t quite measure up.

In terms of cost, Sub Solution is priced at $90, while the Incognito Belt is a bit steeper at $130. However, the Incognito Belt justifies its higher price with additional features like the heating pads and the discreet belt, offering a more covert way to carry the synthetic urine into a drug test.

It also includes a tube and clips for easy urine sample submission, enhancing its convenience.

While Sub Solution is an excellent choice for those experienced in concealing and warming synthetic urine without extra tools, the Incognito Belt might be the better option for anyone seeking an all-in-one solution with added stealth and convenience.

Sub Solution vs. Quick Luck

sub solution vs quick luck angle view


Sub Solution and Quick Luck are two similar synthetic urine kits, both claiming to contain the highest quality synthetic urine capable of passing drug tests and validity checks, and sufficient for two uses.

The primary difference lies in their preparation. Sub Solution is in powder form and requires about 5-10 minutes to prepare, whereas Quick Luck is pre-mixed, ready to use, and more suitable for immediate situations.

Additionally, Quick Luck comes with two heat pads, offering a more user-friendly approach to maintaining the urine’s temperature. It also includes heat activator powder for rapid warming, providing versatility in temperature management.

Pricewise, Sub Solution is slightly less expensive at $90 compared to Quick Luck’s $105.

In conclusion, if you’re accustomed to managing synthetic urine’s temperature using body heat and are looking to save a bit of money, Sub Solution is a solid choice.

However, for those seeking convenience and reliability in keeping the urine warm, especially if you’re often in a rush, Quick Luck with its heat pads and ready-to-use formula might be the better alternative.

Sub Solution vs. Test Clear powdered urine

sub solution vs testclear powdered urine

When comparing Sub Solution to TestClear’s powdered urine, both kits offer synthetic, powdered urine designed to mimic human urine closely. Each is reputed to pass drug tests and validity checks reliably.

Sub Solution provides enough material for two uses, whereas Test Clear is designed for a single use, which might be a critical factor for some users.

Sub Solution’s bottle design offers convenience and spill-proof assurance with an easy-to-use flip spout cap, which could be a significant advantage in the stressful environment of a drug testing facility.

Both kits include a temperature strip to monitor the sample’s temperature, but Sub Solution lacks heat pads, relying instead on a heat activator powder for rapid preheating.

While effective, the powder may not be as convenient to use in the testing facility, potentially requiring additional purchases or reliance on body heat.

Considering the price point of $90, I don’t recommend Sub Solution over Test Clear.

The convenience and single-use nature of Test Clear, along with its reputation, make it a more appealing choice for many, especially those who may only require one test.

Sub Solution vs Quick Fix

sub solution vs quick fix

Quick Fix represents a more budget-friendly option in the synthetic urine market. At $30 for a small 3 oz size sufficient for one use, it offers a basic but effective formula.

Quick Fix contains urea and uric acid, maintains the right proportion of creatinine, and is balanced for pH and specific gravity. It looks and behaves like urine, making it good enough to pass under normal scrutiny, though perhaps not as robust under more rigorous testing.

Quick Fix comes with a heat pad for maintaining the sample’s temperature.

On the other hand, Sub Solution, priced at $90 with enough urine for two uses, is a premium product. It’s known for its effective heat activator powder, which quickly brings the sample to the necessary temperature.

The choice between Quick Fix and Sub Solution may come down to budget and the level of scrutiny you expect your sample to undergo. Quick Fix is a viable option if affordability is key and you’re facing a standard test.

However, if you’re willing to invest more for advanced preparation and potentially higher scrutiny, Sub Solution is the superior choice.

Where to buy

If you’re considering purchasing Sub Solution, the only reliable source is the official Test Negative website. This is the authorized Clear Choice store, and buying from here ensures you’re getting a genuine product at the best price.

The risks of encountering counterfeit products on platforms like Amazon and eBay are high, and the consequences of using a fake product in a drug test could be severe. Sub Solution is priced at $90, and as the saying goes, “you get what you pay for.”

This rings especially true here—if you’re seeking the best synthetic urine to maximize your chances of passing a drug test, Sub Solution is a worthy investment.

For less critical scenarios, like a casual pre-employment test for a job you’re not heavily invested in, a more budget-friendly option like Quick Fix might suffice.

However, for high-stakes situations where the cost of failure is substantial, Sub Solution stands out as the premium choice.

What’s included

When you purchase Sub Solution, you’ll receive:

  • A vial of powdered synthetic urine.
  • Heat activator powder.
  • A mixing container with a spout cap.
  • A temperature strip.
  • Detailed instructions to guide you through preparation and use.

This comprehensive kit is designed to provide everything you need for a successful and stress-free experience.


I recommend Sub Solution as an excellent option for those who are experienced in using synthetic urine.

If you’re adept at keeping the urine warm using body heat and have a discreet method for concealing it on your body, Sub Solution offers a reliable and cost-effective solution.

It’s particularly suitable for those who understand the importance of quality and reliability in such sensitive situations.

In the end, the success of using any synthetic urine product depends on careful preparation and adherence to instructions, but with Sub Solution, you’re getting a product that many trust for its consistency and effectiveness.

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