Cheaper Whizzinator Alternatives You Can Trust!

Robert J. McGrath
Robert J. McGrath, Ph.D

Last updated on 2024 May 16

Are you in search of a whizzinator alternative for your upcoming drug test?

What if I told you that you might not need one at all?

The truth is, you would only require a whizzinator or its alternative when you’re directly observed during the test.

But don’t worry. Direct observation tests are rare, and I’ll discuss the reasons for that shortly.

However, the real issue is that labs are improving their urine testing methods, and many synthetic urine brands fail drug tests.

That’s why having high-quality synthetic urine is more critical than ever before, especially if you’re not being observed during the test.

In this article, I’ll introduce you to some of the best whizzinator alternatives that come with high-quality urine, which can pass even the most rigorous lab checks.

What is a whizzinator and why you don’t need it

Whizzinator is a synthetic urine device that includes a prosthetic, and it’s widely used to pass drug tests.

The Whizzinator kit includes several parts.

There’s a prosthetic device that looks like male genitalia, synthetic urine, heating pads, and a small bag or reservoir for the urine. You wear the prosthetic under your clothes, and it can release urine discreetly during the test.

The process starts by heating the synthetic urine with the heating pads. This brings it to body temperature.

You then place the urine in the reservoir, which is connected to the prosthetic device. When you need to provide a sample, you can discreetly release the urine from the prosthetic, making it look like natural urination.

The device is supposed to allow you to submit a urine sample discreetly, even under supervision.

But you can’t use a Whizzinator for a drug test that’s directly observed.

Before the test, you’ll need to lower your pants and turn around, so the urine collector will definitely spot it.

supervised drug test

It’s just not possible to pass a supervised drug test with synthetic urine.

Now, for the usual unsupervised drug tests, it’s a different story. But honestly, using a Whizzinator with a prosthetic is a bit much.

You will be in the enclosed room in the bathroom, so you can just pour the urine from the bottle or a bag into the cup discreetly.

No one’s going to be watching you during these tests, so there’s no need to spend extra on a bulky, skin-colored fake penis.

What you really need is high-quality synthetic urine, a reliable way to keep it warm, and a discreet method to sneak it in without being noticed.

I’ll introduce you to some of the best Whizzinator alternatives that come with high-quality urine, which can pass even the most rigorous lab checks.

Additionally, these alternatives also come equipped with a reliable heating method and a discreet way to sneak them into the drug test, ensuring you have all you need for a seamless experience.

Reasons for directrly observed drug test

The reasons for the directly observed drug test are limited:

Firstly, your employer may request an observed sample.

Secondly, if the temperature of your submitted sample is out of range, it could be considered an attempt to cheat the test.

Thirdly, if the specimen appears to be adulterated or the color of the sample is strange, for example, it’s a dark or blue color, you might be asked to take a direct observation test.

If there is something in the sample, such as foreign substances or unexpected pH levels, it can also trigger an observed test.

Additionally, if you arrive at the collection site with materials or products designed to cheat the test, you may be asked to take an observed test.

Lastly, if you’ve previously submitted a sample with extremely low creatinine levels or an invalid result with no medical explanation, the medical review officer may require you to take a retest under direct observation.

It’s essential to note that every follow-up and return-to-duty drug test in the DOT is required to be under direct observation.

The must-have ingredient to passing drug test

As you can clearly see, the primary reason for undergoing an observed drug test is if your urine sample has failed the lab’s stringent checks.

However, it is unfortunate that many synthetic urine brands have resorted to cutting costs, which has resulted in the production of subpar products.

Consequently, low-quality synthetic urine often fails drug tests, leading to the necessity of undergoing a directly observed test.

To compound matters, laboratories are continually refining their methods of detecting synthetic urine, making it even more challenging to pass these checks.

As a result, only high-quality synthetic urine that meets the strictest standards has a chance of successfully passing these checks.

It’s essential to be aware of this reality and choose a synthetic urine brand that produces only the highest quality products to avoid any potential setbacks.

Best Whizzinator alternatives

The Incognito Belt – the perfect alternative to the whizzinator

incognito belt synthetic urine kit

At almost the same price point, the Incognito Belt stands out for the quality of its synthetic urine – a major improvement over other brands in the market.

Designed for both males and females, the premixed synthetic urine comes in a discreet belt that can easily be hidden on your body, making it easy to sneak into a drug test.

incognito belt discreetly placed on a waist male

The Incognito Belt provides enough urine for two uses and is kept close to your body, ensuring that it remains at the correct temperature.

With detailed instructions included, it is easy to use even for first-timers.

At a price of $130, the Incognito Belt is the best way to pass a drug test without raising any suspicions.

Sub Solution – best budget option

clear choice sub solution contents

Clear Choice Sub Solution is a top recommendation due to its features and affordable price.

Although it doesn’t include a stealth belt and urine tube, it’s still easily sneaked into a drug test and undetectable.

For example you can use it with the Stash Leg Belt.

stash leg belt on a leg

This toxin-free, powdered synthetic urine is identical to real urine and heats to body temperature within seconds thanks to the heating powder.

The attached temperature strip makes it easy to keep the urine warm and control its temperature, and it’s enough for two uses.

You can even reheat it or freeze it if necessary.

The only downside is that it requires clean water and some preparation time.

At a price of only $90, it’s a great choice for both males and females.

Get Sub Solution

Urinator – best temperature control

Introducing the Urinator, an electric urine warmer that takes the guesswork out of keeping your urine sample at the right temperature for a drug test.

This device includes two powdered urine kits, a digitally-controlled self-regulated heating element, two temperature test strips, and a calibrated bottle-filling device.

Plus, you’ll get a complete operator’s manual to guide you through the process.

The heater is controlled by electronics that regulate the temperature in the correct range without user interaction, making it easy to use.

Although it is reusable and reliable, the Urinator comes with a hefty price tag of $190.

The Urinator is no longer sold, so we recommend using the Incognito Belt instead

Make your own DIY urine substitution device for drug tests

We do not recommend making urine substitution devices by yourself. It’s very easy to mess up, and you don’t want to fail your test, right?

Moreover, you still need to spend money on synthetic urine, and you cannot create it by yourself.

Using someone else’s urine is also a 99% fail rate. So, is that extra money worth the risk?

If you still want to do it yourself, here are the recommendations.

You’ll need

  • Urine – Freshly collected or synthetic urine.
  • Cup – To collect and store the urine.
  • Balloon or Condom – For holding the urine.
  • Thermometer – To measure the urine temperature (should be 94-100 degrees Celsius).
  • Coffee Mug – To hold the balloon while filling.
  • Floss – To secure the balloon around the fish tank tubing.
  • Fish Tank Tubing – For transferring urine from the balloon.
  • Turkey Baster – For transferring urine into the balloon.
  • Hand Warmer – To keep the urine at body temperature.
  • Boxer Briefs – To wear and hold the balloon in place.

Step-by-Step Process

  1. Collect urine in a cup and refrigerate it for at least 30 minutes or overnight.
  2. Wash a balloon or condom with clean water twice.
  3. Heat the refrigerated urine for 30 seconds in the microwave (do not heat fresh urine).
  4. Check the urine temperature with a thermometer (should be between 94-100 degrees Celsius).
  5. Place the balloon inside a coffee mug.
  6. Use a turkey baster to fill the balloon with 30 ml of urine.
  7. Insert fish tank tubing about an inch into the balloon.
  8. Secure the balloon around the tubing with floss, and cut off excess floss.
  9. Twist the balloon three times to seal it and drain any excess urine.
  10. Activate a hand warmer and place it in the coffee mug with the balloon and thermometer.
  11. Wear boxer briefs and place the balloon and hand warmer in the pocket.
  12. Ensure the fish tank tubing is facing upwards towards the penis.
  13. Use both hands to squeeze the balloon gently to release urine when needed.

Remember, it is still not recommended to create your own Whizzinator, as it can be tricky and has a high failure rate.


Now that you have read about the potential dangers of using a DIY urine substitution device, it is clear that the risk of failing a drug test is simply too high.

These devices have not been proven to be reliable and could result in serious consequences, such as losing your job or facing legal repercussions.

That is why we highly recommend using devices that have been tested and proven to work, such as the Incognito Belt or Sub Solution synthetic urine.

Don’t take chances with your future – choose a trusted solution that will give you peace of mind and help you pass your drug test with confidence.


What is a Whizzinator and how does it work?

A Whizzinator is a synthetic urine device designed to help users pass drug tests. It includes a prosthetic device resembling male genitalia, synthetic urine, heating pads, and a reservoir. The synthetic urine is heated to body temperature and stored in the reservoir, allowing for discreet release during a test.

When might you need to take a directly observed drug test?

Directly observed drug tests are typically required if your employer requests it, if your submitted sample has an unusual temperature or appearance, or if you’ve previously had a suspicious or invalid test result. Follow-up and return-to-duty tests for DOT regulations are also directly observed.

What are the main advantages of using high-quality synthetic urine over a Whizzinator?

High-quality synthetic urine can pass rigorous lab checks without the need for a bulky, conspicuous device. It’s easier to sneak into unsupervised tests using simpler methods like a bottle or bag. The focus should be on the quality and temperature control of the synthetic urine to ensure it mimics real urine.

What are some of the best Whizzinator alternatives available?

Some of the best Whizzinator alternatives include:

  • Incognito Belt: Offers high-quality synthetic urine in a discreet belt, ensuring the correct temperature and easy use.
  • Sub Solution: An affordable powdered synthetic urine that heats quickly with a heating powder and includes a temperature strip.
  • Urinator: Provides excellent temperature control with an electronic heating element, though it’s more expensive and reusable.

Why is it risky to create your own DIY urine substitution device?

Creating a DIY urine substitution device is risky because it’s easy to make mistakes, which could lead to failing the drug test. Synthetic urine quality is crucial, and homemade devices lack the reliability and discreetness of professionally made alternatives. Using someone else’s urine also poses a high risk of failure due to potential mismatches and improper storage.