A Woman’s Guide to Passing Drug Tests: Top 4 Urine Substitution Devices Reviewed

Robert J. McGrath
Robert J. McGrath, Ph.D

Last updated on 2024 May 29

If you’re looking for a urine substitution device, like the “female Whizzinator,” to pass a urine drug test, let’s talk honestly.

Facing a supervised drug test? Using such a device isn’t an option.

I’ll explain why shortly.

For those with unsupervised tests, don’t use the “Whizzinator.”

What you really need is high-quality urine that won’t be detected during lab analysis. You also need a discreet way to bring it into the testing site and a reliable heat source to keep it at the right temperature.

In the guide I’ve put together, you’ll find a list of devices that meet these criteria.

I’ve also explained the drug testing process from start to finish, showing you what kind of device will work best and how to prepare.

Let’s get you ready and confident for what’s ahead!

Key Takeaways
  • You won’t need gadgets like the Whizzinator for a supervised drug test because they can’t be used.
  • The only way to successfully pass a supervised drug test is with your own clean urine. I’ve detailed how to ensure this in the article: How to Detox From THC: Fast and Effective Detox Methods.
  • For unsupervised tests, the most dependable and easy-to-use solution is the Incognito Belt.
The Incognito Belt
incognito belt
  • Synthetic urine identical to human urine.
  • Discreet and undetectable urine bag.
  • Reliable heating option.
  • Everything you need to pass a drug test.

What a “female Whizzinator” actually is

The Whizzinator is a well-known brand name for a male prosthetic device that was all the rage for sneaking urine into drug tests.

When we hear “female Whizzinator,” it’s about ladies seeking a similar gadget for the same purpose.

The market has various devices catering to this need, including some like the SheWhizz that are designed to be inserted into the body.

However, as I’ve mentioned before, these devices are a no-go for observed drug tests.

Curious about why? Let’s dive into the drug testing process to unpack the reasons.

What to expect from a urine drug test

You can take a urine drug test for many reasons, either because you’re going through the hiring process for a new job, your employer requests a routine test, or a doctor wants a screen.

Regardless of the reason, it’s nerve-wracking when you know you won’t pass. Understanding what to expect from the test can help you feel prepared.

Urine drug tests are fairly straightforward, so you’ll follow similar steps regardless of the reason for your test.

You’ll visit a facility to get tested, which might be its own entity or part of a larger medical park. When you enter, you’ll fill out a form that asks for various information, similar to the patient form you complete at the doctor’s office.

The attendant will search you before your drug test. The search is to find any obvious containers of clean or synthetic urine on your person or belongings.

They can check pockets on any clothing but can’t intimately touch you.

You’ll enter a bathroom to pass your urine sample.

You must provide at least 30 mL of urine in most cases. The U.S. Department of Transportation will require 45 mL.

You won’t necessarily be alone while giving a sample. There are different drug tests, depending on the reason behind the test.

Types of urine drug tests

There are two types of urine drug tests:

  • Unsupervised
  • Directly observed

Unsupervised tests are the best option when you’re using a synthetic urine. You’ll either be in a different room or shielded by a screen, so it’s easy to get the urine out of the container without detection.

unsupervised drug test women

Directly observed urine drug tests are the most difficult to pass. The supervisor watches you as you give a urine sample.

Once you’re ready to provide your urine sample, the supervisor will request that you lower your underwear and rotate your body.

This procedure ensures you’re not concealing any substances or devices on your belt that could interfere with the test’s integrity.

supervised drug test women

Subsequently, the supervisor will maintain a vigilant watch as you give your urine sample. This level of scrutiny makes it virtually impossible to pass the test using fake urine.

I had a chat with some of my female colleagues who oversee drug testing. They’ve actually noticed when women attempt to use devices like the SheWhizz, or various bottles designed to be concealed within the body.

They steered clear of the nitty-gritty details, given the personal nature of these situations, but they definitely have a keen eye for spotting these devices in action. And, let me tell you, they’ve caught quite a few in the act.

The most reliable ways to pass a directly observed (supervised) drug test are through a thorough, permanent detox or by utilizing a same-day cleanse.

If you’re looking for strategies on how to effectively detox or understand more about same-day cleanses, consult the following guides:

How to Detox From THC: Fast and Effective Detox Methods

How to pass a drug test with Fast Marijuana Detox Kit

Observed urine drug tests are quite uncommon, typically mandated only by court orders or under specific circumstances.

For instance, a drug test administrator might require direct observation if there’s reasonable suspicion of an attempt to falsify the test.

Perhaps indicated by the discovery of fake urine or unusual items like a Visine bottle, which is sometimes used to tamper with the sample.

In such cases, refusing to submit a sample under direct observation will lead to significant consequences.

For pre-employment screenings, this refusal would likely result in a job offer being rescinded.

If the test is conducted while you’re employed, it could lead to termination.

To summarize, while fake urine will help you pass an unsupervised drug test, it’s crucial to avoid detection.

Getting caught not only leads to a directly observed test but can also have severe repercussions on your employment status.

For those needing to discreetly transport urine to a drug test, especially women, there are specific devices designed for subtlety and effectiveness.

I’ll outline which devices can aid in this process without drawing attention.

Urine drug test results

The attendant will start testing your urine as soon as you hand it over.

how the urine is checked during the drug test

They use a thermometer to check the temperature of the urine.

The ideal temperature range is 90 to 100 °F, so anything less might inspire the attendant to ask for another sample and observe you this time.

Next is a validity check at lab. The dipstick the attendant uses for this process will show results relating to creatinine levels and the ideal pH range.

The outcome will help the attendant determine the validity of the urine, exposing a watered-down sample or an incorrectly-made synthetic option.

The urine test includes the immunoassay analysis, which detects small molecules of drugs in your system. Along with the panel drug test, the supervisor can find specific metabolites in your urine.

Most people who need to complete a urine drug test for their employer have a very simple unsupervised drug test.

The supervisor will make sure the urine is at the correct temperature before sending it to the lab. There, the urine will undergo a validity check and standard immunoassay analysis.

Can you use someone else’s clean urine for a drug test?

You might consider asking someone for their urine, but some risks are involved.

Human urine also spoils quickly, so you’d have to get the urine right before you give a sample. Otherwise, the initial validity test would mark the urine as spoiled, and you’d have to give another sample on the spot.

I always weigh these crucial decisions with an emotional component. How much do I trust this person to give me clean urine and keep my secret?

Is my job that essential that I should risk the relationship to get the urine? The answers are usually no because it’s safer to go with synthetic urine.

The reason why most people fail a drug test using fake pee

You might think using fake pee for drug tests is already a major risk.

It is, but if you do it right, you won’t get caught. Most people fail a urine drug test due to one key mistake: urine temperature.

Your urine starts to cool down as soon as it leaves your body.

You can feel the heat from the cup when you give a legitimate urine sample and realize its temperature is the same as yours.

Since urine cools quickly, the supervisor will accept anything in the 90 to 100-degree range.

The average body temperature is 97 to 99 degrees, but some people are slightly above or below that range.

However, if you’re using fake urine from a container, it will be much cooler than that by the time you submit the sample.

A good product will keep the temperature in the ideal range, so such urine substitution device is well worth the investment.

What type of urine substitution device do you need?

I have experience with urine substitution devices in practice and real-life situations.

They are useful for men, but the female versions are a bit trickier.

With that in mind, I reviewed the devices itself, plus the pros, cons, and instructions for use.

This information will help you decide which product is best for your skills and needs.

When you look for a device to hold urine for drug test, you need to consider several key features, such as:

  • Discretion
  • Temperature control
  • Ease of use
  • Proven passing track records
  • Shipping time

Discretion is key because even in unsupervised testing, you don’t want it to be obvious that you’re carrying and using fake urine.

Temperature control is key. Skipping this factor increases your chances of failing the test.

Your chosen urine substitution device should have a place for a heating pad or be easily hidden on your body so you can bring it to your standard temperature.

The device must also have a temperature strip attached, allowing you to easily check the sample’s temperature before submission. This is necessary to ensure the sample is at the required temperature.

Any reputable device will have statistics on the passing rate clearly listed on the website. You want to choose an option other people have used, so you know it works.

If you can’t find details about how often the device produces a passing test, you should keep searching. This purchase is one where you want to find the best option, not settle for something less.

The shipping time also makes a big impact on which device you purchase. You don’t get much notice for drug tests, so if you have one on the calendar, you need to ensure you can get expedited or overnight shipping to have your product in time.

Ideally, give yourself enough time to practice with it before you show up at the testing center.

While this tool is a great investment in your quality of life and job security, you might not have an endless budget for the purchase.

Shopping around for the right price or coupon codes can help you buy the best product for your needs. Remember that expedited shipping will add to the cost, and overnight shipping might even cost more than the product itself.

Best 4 female urine substitution devices

Despite the countless female synthetic urine kits on the market, not all perform as they should.

My extensive research led me to these four options as the best available.

You’ll find one to suit your needs, so check out the options below.

Incognito Belt: a premixed synthetic urine device attached to a belt, ideal for any drug tests.

incognito belt on a female waist

Incognito Belt is the best device to hold urine for drug test available today.

It ensures discreet delivery of synthetic urine, guaranteed to pass drug tests.

While the price might seem high at face value, you should note that it includes 3.5 ounces of synthetic urine. When your package arrives, you’ll have everything you need to pass the test.

The velcro belt is easy to apply since it’s completely adjustable. Anyone with a waist up to 48 inches can comfortably wear the Incognito Belt to their test.

The attached rubber tube simplifies the act of getting the urine into the sample cup without fumbling or making a mess.


  • The velcro belt is discreet and adjustable to fit on a waist up to 48 inches
  • Purchase includes premixed highest-quality synthetic urine for two tests
  • The urine is completely undetectable on tests, passing since 2003
  • The package includes detailed instructions for proper use
  • Temperature control includes two heat pads and a temperature strip
  • Rubber tube and convenient clip allow easy urine delivery


  • Second most expensive brand on the market


When you’re ready to wear your Incognito Belt to your drug test, follow these steps:

  1. Remove the adhesive backing from the heat pad.
  2. Shake the pad to activate the heat.
  3. Press the heat pad to the bladder, between the belt and pouch.
  4. Wrap the Incognito Belt around your waist. Ensure the temperature strip touches your skin and the drain tube points to the floor.
  5. Close the white clips around the end of the tube to prevent leakage.
  6. Get dressed since the belt needs to go beneath all your clothes.

When it’s time to give a sample, unfasten the white clips from the end of the tube and allow the urine to drain into the sample cup.

The Urinator

While the concept behind the Urinator was innovative and appealing, its execution leaves much to be desired, leading me to advise against its use for drug testing purposes.

It boasts several impressive features, such as:

  • An Electronic Heating Device to keep the urine at the necessary temperature, removing the need for external heating pads.
  • A Liquid Crystal Thermometer for straightforward temperature monitoring.
  • A Computerized Digital Controller that automatically ensures the urine temperature within the bag remains consistent.

However, significant drawbacks make its use problematic. Firstly, the device is quite bulky, necessitating two batteries for operation.

This requirement not only adds to the overall size but also means you’ll need to find space to accommodate these batteries discreetly.

Consequently, the Urinator can be noticeably conspicuous under clothing, heightening the risk of detection significantly.

Furthermore, its cost-effectiveness is questionable. Priced at $170, with an additional expense of around $15 for batteries per use, it represents a substantial investment for potentially risky outcomes.

Given these considerations, I suggest exploring alternatives such as the Incognito Belt. This option may offer a more discreet and user-friendly solution for your needs.

Sub Solution with Stash Leg Belt

stash leg belt on female leg

When used in combination with the Stash Leg Belt the Sub Solution Synthetic Urine Kit is the ultimate way for  ladies to discreetly sneak urine into a drug test.

  1. With at least 11 chemicals found in human urine, it’s identical to the real deal.
  2. Labs won’t be able to detect that it’s synthetic.
  3. The included heat activator powder warms up the urine to body temperature in just 20 seconds.
  4. A temperature strip is attached to the bottle, making it super easy to see if the urine is within the required temperature range.
  5. It’s incredibly reliable!
  6. The small bottle is perfect for sneaking into a drug test and easy to hide on your body.
  7. There’s enough urine for two uses, giving you double the value.
  8. You can reheat it if needed.
  9. It’s even freezable for future use.
  10. Priced at $90, it’s the best deal you’ll find for such high-quality synthetic urine.
  11. The only downside is that it requires clean water and a few minutes for preparation, but it’s well worth it.

Stash Leg Belt is an accessory to use to hold a container of urine. It’s made of high-quality material, neoprene, which keeps the holster in place regardless of your physical activity.

It stretches to fit different sizes, so you can pull it up your thigh and know it will stay put until you need it.


  1. Attach the belt to your thigh.
  2. Adjust it to securely stays in place.
  3. Secure the bottle in the belt’s pocket.

Before entering the drug testing facility:

  1. Check the temperature strip on the bottle.
  2. Add one-third of the heat activation powder pouch to the urine.
  3. Ensure the temperature is within a normal range.
  4. Put the bottle back in the pocket and go inside to take your test.

DIY female urine substitution device

Creating your own device for a drug test by using a small bottle filled with clean urine is a budget-friendly option, but it’s far from ideal.

An eye drop bottle tends to be the best choice for this DIY approach due to its size.

bottles to hide synthetic urine for females

There are various suggestions online, including some from Reddit users,

about using these bottles and replacing the original cap with aluminum foil for easy opening.

The idea is that you can simply pierce the foil with a nail to release the urine.

However, as I must emphasize, my colleagues who monitor these tests have a keen ability to notice when such methods are employed.

It’s important to remember that supervised drug tests are conducted under close observation, especially in situations where the stakes are high.

Being caught during a drug test can have serious consequences. It’s crucial to approach these tests with caution.

There are safer and more reliable methods to ensure you pass a drug test without facing any risks.

It’s always better to stay on the side of caution and integrity in these scenarios.


With so many female products available, you might have trouble deciding which is your best choice. With that in mind, I simplified the answer:

  • The Incognito Belt: best for any drug test. It’s discreet and includes everything you need to pass successfully.
  • Sub Solution : another great  choice. When paired with a leg stash belt, it becomes invisible and discreet, allowing you to sneak it into the drug test easily.

If you know what type of drug test to expect, you can choose the ideal device to pass with no problem.

Take control of your work-life balance by using female products to keep your job while still getting to relax in your free time.