Best Synthetic Urine and Fake Pee Kits to Pass Drug Test with Confidence

Robert J. McGrath
Robert J. McGrath, Ph.D ABD

Last updated on 2024 May 22

Best synthetic urines can pass even a lab drug test. However, selecting and using synthetic urine is complicated.

According to this study in 2019, all synthetic urine products screened negative in the drug immunoassay and additionally passed the specimen validity testing (SVT) as authentic urine.

However, laboratories improve their techniques, and they can now identify low-quality synthetic urines. Drug test collectors are aware of it and they try to catch the cheaters.

I’ll explain how to choose the best synthetic urine that will pass the drug test easily.

I’ll also share the top 5 fake urine products guaranteed to pass drug tests, even in laboratories.

I’ll also explain how to use it properly and not get caught.

The Incognito Belt
  • Premium quality synthetic urine.
  • Discreet and undetectable.
  • Everything you need to pass a drug test.
Quick Luck
  • Premium quality urine.
  • Ready to use on short notice.
Sub Solution
  • Affordable option.
  • Best for experienced users.

What drug test can synthetic urine pass

I must warn you, you cannot pass a supervised drug test with synthetic urine. A supervised drug test is when you have to submit the sample under direct observation.

This means the drug test collector will be watching you peeing in a cup. During this test, it is impossible to use synthetic urine.

supervised drug test

There are other methods, like detoxification, that can help you pass this kind of test. However, such tests are very rare.

For example, they are done only in the military (for DoD), with athletes, in some court-ordered drug tests, and other rare cases.

Usual pre-employment and on-work drug tests are done without direct observation. You will be alone in a bathroom and have enough time and space to use fake urine.

Drug testing procedure

To understand how to choose the best urine, you need to understand the drug testing procedure.

You’ll come into the facility and fill out the papers.


You will be asked to empty your pockets and take off your jacket, hat, and unnecessary articles of clothing. This is to find if you are hiding something that can be used to cheat the test.

They want to remove everything you can use to hide synthetic urine.

initial inspection during the drug test

The collector will not pat you down.

They won’t strictly search you, but they will look through your personal items like your wallet to see if you have any items you can use to alter your sample. For example, eyedrops, chapstick, or a contact case. You will have to leave these items.

Eyedrop bottles are often used to carry fake pee to the facility, so don’t bring eyedrops because it will make the collector think you’re trying to cheat the test.

If the collector sees something designed to cheat the drug test, you will be required to submit the sample under direct observation.

HINT! Importantly, collectors won’t search you like airport security guards. If you have an Incognito Belt around your waist or a Stash Leg belt on your hips, they won’t find it!

Next, you’ll have to wash your hands to wash out everything you can hide under your fingernails that can alter the urine sample.

Sample collection

After that, you will go to the enclosed room in the bathroom. You will collect and package the sample and hand it to the collector.

The collector isn’t going to watch you, but they will be on the other side of the door.

unsupervised drug test

They have experience and know how urinating sounds. They will be listening for something that will make them think you are trying to cheat the test.

They do this job every day, so if the sound is not right, it may cause suspicion.

Room setup

Everything in the bathroom is set up to minimize the risks of cheating.

Handles from the sink are removed to prevent using the water to dilute the sample. The toilet tanks are taped for the same reason.

drug test bathroom setup

Any unnecessary items from the bathroom are removed – soap dispensers, hand sanitizers, and paper towels.

They put a blue agent into the toilet bowl to prevent using toilet water for diluting the urine sample. You cannot wash your hands in the bathroom.

All potential hiding spots are sealed and taped off. The observation room is fairly bigger to give the patient more sense of privacy.

HINT! If you’re using powdered urine like Sub Solution, mix it with water before entering the drug test facility.

Submitting the sample

After you pee in a cup, you have to give the cup to the collector.

The collector will check the temperature of the urine. Then, they will check the color of the urine.

If the temperature is out of range or color is not natural, you’ll have to resubmit the sample under direct observation.

At any step, if you’re suspected of cheating, that may trigger having an observed sample.

So, it’s important not to get caught.

Things one should know before buying synthetic urine

Before buying synthetic urine, it’s crucial to know what to look for.

The quality of the urine and ingredients

First, the urine must be high quality and contain the same composition as human urine.

It’s likely that the lab will conduct a validity test on your urine. This test examines several crucial parameters to determine if the sample is indeed human urine.

So it should contain the right amount of creatinine and minerals to pass the validity test.

Most urines on the market can pass it.

However, avoid cheap brands as they might produce low-quality urine, leading to a failed validity test.

Premixed vs powdered urine

powdered synthetic urine vs premixed synthetic urine

Fake urine comes in two forms: premixed in a bottle and powdered. Powdered urine needs to be mixed with clean water BEFORE you enter the testing facility.

Decide if this is suitable for you. There’s no actual difference in effectiveness between these two types. Powdered urine is easier to store.

Premixed urine is usually enough for two uses, but once opened, bacteria starts to grow, so you need to freeze the remaining urine if you plan to use it later.

Heat source

The wrong temperature is the main reason people fail drug tests using fake pee. Here are 4 heat source options available:

Body heat

Some kits come with just synthetic urine only. This means you will have to warm up your sample using your body heat.

Keep in mind that this takes much longer than using a heating pad, so only resort to it when you have sufficient time at your disposal.

To do this, you will need to keep the sample as close to your skin as possible in a place where the body heat is more noticeable. For men, the warmest and safest place to keep the urine is in the crotch area, below the underwear.

Women may find it more comfortable to place the sample between their bra and skin.

Make sure to regularly check the temperature of the sample to see if it reached the right temperature and verify it stays at it.

Heat pads / hand warmers

heat pads for synthetic urine

This is the most common method. These are special pads that produce heat when activated.

The best kits include pads with a sticky side, so you don’t need rubber bands to attach them to the bottle. Ensure the kit includes pads that produce the right amount of heat (92-100 F) and don’t overheat the urine.

Cheaper brands might use low-quality pads or usual hand warmers that produce too much heat.

Heat activator powder

heat activator powder in bottle

Some kits come with heat activator powder. This heats the urine within seconds and is great for preheating before hiding it on your body.

This could be useful for sudden tests. However, it’s not suitable for bringing the urine to the right temperature in the testing bathroom.

Electric urine warmer

Only one kit uses an electric heating device to keep the urine warm.

It’s convenient as you don’t need to mess with heat pads or preheating. Just push a button, and it will warm up the urine automatically.

However, it’s bulky, expensive, and requires batteries. Consider the pros and cons.

Temperature strip

Finally, look for a temperature strip. This is crucial to know the urine’s temperature before submitting it.

clear choice incognito belt temperature strip

Look for urine kits with a temperature strip on the bottle, or buy a bottle with a temperature strip if you get powdered synthetic urine.

This will help you be confident when submitting your sample.

Sneaking method

Consider how you’ll sneak the urine into the drug testing facility. Since you’ll need to empty your pockets, you can’t put it there.

You might think of putting the bottle in your groin area or bra, but that can be inconvenient.

Some synthetic urine kits come with stealth belts, which are discreet urine bags on special elastic belts worn around the waist.

This is the most convenient way, but such belts cost more.

Alternatively, devices like stash leg belts or stash boxers have discreet pockets for the urine bottle.

I’ll review these devices in the next sections.

Ease of use

The synthetic urine kit must be easy to use, especially when pouring it into the test cup. In the test bathroom, you’ll likely be nervous, so a complex setup can lead to spills or raised suspicions if you take too long.

Look for kits with features like pop-up bottle caps or tubes with clips for a quick and discreet sample submission.

Robust design

You don’t want the urine bottle or bag to leak and spill urine on your clothes. If possible, test the product in a store.

If not, choose online brands with good reviews and proven reliability.

The brands I recommend are trusted and won’t spill.

Brand selection

Choose brands with a good reputation and reviews. Cheap synthetic urines often cut costs, resulting in poor quality that might fail validity tests or contain biocides detectable during drug tests.

Go for brands that maintain quality and avoid those that compromise for lower prices.

Privacy matters

If ordering online, ensure the seller ships in a plain package. Trusted brands like TestNegative or TestClear prioritize your privacy with discreet packaging.

Swift & reliable delivery

If you need synthetic urine ASAP, verify the seller’s delivery times and check reviews for punctuality.

You don’t want to fail your test because the delivery was late.

Amount of urine

Ensure the kit has enough urine for your needs. Drug tests typically require a minimum of 30 mL (45 mL for DOT collections).

If you need to pass multiple tests, make sure the kit provides sufficient urine.

The 5 best synthetic urine kits that will guarantee you pass the drug test

Incognito Belt – Best all-inclusive synthetic urine kit

incognito belt synthetic urine kit

One of Clear Choice’s stellar products for passing a drug test is the Incognito Belt. This product offers a ready-made option for concealing the fake urine that comes with it.

All you need to do is heat up the urine, strap on the adjustable belt, hide the sample in it, and you will be ready to take the test with more confidence.

  • Discreet: Can be hidden on the body, so collectors can’t bust you.
  • Adjustable Belt: Fits up to a 48″ waist and is suitable for males and females.

incognito belt discreetly placed on a waist male

  • High-Quality Urine: Contains enough for 2 uses and will pass visual and lab checks.
  • Warmth Maintenance: Keeps urine warm enough for a drug test when worn on the waist.
  • Heating Pads: Two high-quality pads that provide the exact temperature needed without overheating.
  • Temperature Strip: Attached to the bladder bag for easy monitoring.
  • Leak-Proof Design: Rubber tube and convenient clip for easy urine delivery and a backup clip to prevent spills.
  • Detailed Instructions: Guides you step by step for easy use.
  • Proven Track Record: Successfully passing drug tests since 2003.
  • Price: $130. Although a bit high, it includes synthetic urine, a discreet sneaking solution, and heating pads, offering good value.
Learn More About Incognito Belt

Urinator – Most convenient temperature management

This kit uses an electronic device for precise temperature control and a stealth belt making it unnoticeable under clothes.

  • Electronic Heating: Ensures accurate urine temperature with less hassle than heating pads.
  • Liquid Crystal Thermometer: Easy temperature checking.
  • Digital Controller: Automatically maintains the correct temperature.
  • Safety: All elements are sealed to prevent electrical issues.
  • Long-Lasting Warmth: Keeps temperature for up to 10 hours.
  • Comfort and Safety: Thermal insulating mini-blanket and IV bag protect skin and contain heat.
  • Includes Urine Samples: Comes with 2 powdered synthetic urine samples for 2 uses.
  • Reusable: Comes with a syringe for refilling, offering potentially unlimited uses.
  • Flow Control Clamp: Easy-to-use for controlling the urine flow.
  • Comprehensive Manual: Complete operator’s guide included.
  • Fits up to a 48-inch waist.


  • Price: $190. It’s an investment, but considering its multiple uses, it might be worth it.
  • Size: Slightly bulky due to the space needed for batteries.
  • Batteries Required: You’ll need to purchase batteries separately.

Quick Luck – with heat pads and fast heating powder

clear choice quick luck synthetic urine box

Quick Luck is known for its superior formula, a result of over 16 years of research. Here’s what makes it stand out:

  • Superior Formula: It will pass visual inspections, validity tests, and drug tests.
  • Ready to Use: Premixed and ready for unexpected random tests.
  • Sufficient Quantity: Contains enough urine for two tests.
  • Switch Flow Spout: Easy pouring without unscrewing the cap.
  • Leakproof Bottle: Ensures no spills in your pocket.
  • Discreet Size: Easy to hide on your body and sneak into the facility.

Easy Temperature Maintenance:

  • Heating Powder: Quickly preheats the urine.
  • Two Heat Pads: Keep urine warm for up to 10 hours.
  • Specific Design: Pads are made for synthetic urine, providing the right heat without overheating.
  • Temperature Strip: Attached for easy monitoring.

Other Features:

  • Detailed Instructions: For easy step-by-step use.
  • Unisex: Suitable for anyone.
  • Long Shelf Life: Up to 2 years.
  • Reusability: Can be frozen and reheated multiple times.

Price: $105

Learn More About Quick Luck

Sub Solution – most affordable

clear choice sub solution contents

Sub Solution is a budget-friendly option with a high-quality formula. Here’s why it’s worth considering:

  • High-Quality Formula: Passes all necessary tests.
  • Unisex: Suitable for anyone.
  • No Extra Features: Lacks heating pads, but is priced lower.
  • Heat Activator: Warms urine to the right temperature quickly.
  • Temperature Strip: For easy temperature checking.
  • Switch Flow Spout: No need to unscrew the cap for pouring.
  • Leakproof Bottle: Prevents spills.
  • Discreet Size: Easy to hide and carry into the facility.
  • Sufficient Quantity: Enough for two tests.
  • Reusability: Can be frozen and reheated.


  • Preparation Required: Must be prepared before the test.
  • Additional Warmth Needed: You’ll need a way to maintain temperature until the test.
  • Lacks Discretion Features: No built-in method to conceal the urine on your body.

Price: $90

Learn More About Sub Solution

Test Clear Powdered Urine – good if your drug test is without a validity check

testclear synthetic urine contents

Test Clear Powdered Urine is another option for those facing drug tests without stringent validity checks. Here’s what makes it a viable choice:

  • Long-Term Storage: As a powdered urine, it can be stored for an extended period.
    Effective Formula: Designed to pass visual checks and drug tests, it foams, smells, and looks like real urine.
    Heating Pad Included: Easily warms the urine to body temperature.
    Adhesive Heating Pad: Sticks to the container for convenient warming.
    Duration: The heating pad maintains temperature for up to six hours.
    Temperature Strip: Allows for accurate temperature checks before submission.
    Discreet Vial: Small and easy to hide on the body.


  • Preparation Needed: You’ll need clean water and time to mix the urine, which isn’t ideal for random tests.
  • Warm-Up Time: The heating pad takes about an hour to warm the urine to body temperature, so preheating might be necessary.
  • Vial Cap Quality: Ensure it’s sealed properly to avoid spills.
  • No Flip-Up Spout: Unlike some alternatives, you’ll need to unscrew the cap to pour the urine, which could be inconvenient under stress.

In summary, Test Clear Powdered Urine is a solid choice for those with a bit of preparation time and without the need for advanced validity checks. It offers a realistic and effective synthetic urine solution but requires careful handling and preparation.

Can fake urine be detected in a drug test?

Actually, no, not always.

There are methods used to detect synthetic urine during the urine validity check.

For example, Quest Diagnostics states:

“Yes, Quest can detect some synthetic urine using specimen validity testing, a screening that determines if a specimen is human urine.”

However, there are some catches:

  • Not all clients order validity tests: Most clients opt for standard drug tests without validity checks to cut costs.
  • Only some synthetic urines are detectable: These are usually the cheap, low-quality ones that skimp on composition.

So, theoretically, if the client ordered a validity test and you’re using low-quality urine, the lab might detect it. However, high-quality synthetic urine often passes undetected.

Anecdotal evidence from forums like Reddit suggests that people are successfully passing drug tests with synthetic urine.

What are the consequences if you are caught cheating on a drug test with synthetic urine?

Being caught cheating on a drug test can have serious consequences:

  1. Immediate Consequences:
    • If a drug test collector suspects cheating, they might require a supervised drug test. This means being observed directly while providing the urine sample.
    • Items indicative of cheating, like synthetic urine bottles or other devices, will lead to suspicion.
    • Direct observation is invasive; you’ll have to expose yourself to prove you’re not cheating.
  2. Refusal and Reporting:
    • Refusing a direct observation test is often considered the same as failing the test.
    • The incident will be reported to your employer or the relevant agency.
  3. Employment and Legal Repercussions:
    • For pre-employment tests, being caught will almost certainly mean you won’t get the job.
    • If it’s a workplace test, expect immediate termination.
    • In some regions, there might be legal consequences for attempting to defraud a drug test.

How not to get caught using synthetic urine?

To avoid getting caught using synthetic urine, you need to take several precautions and prepare thoroughly.

Read instructions

First, become well-acquainted with the fake urine you plan to use.

Read all instructions carefully to understand any preparation required.

For instance, some products like the Urinator may need batteries, while others, like the Incognito Belt, shouldn’t be microwaved. Being well-prepared is key.

Be discreet

Discretion is crucial. Think about how you will conceal the urine on your body since you’ll likely be asked to empty your pockets.

Common hiding spots include the groin area or bra, but ensure you have a plan for how you will discreetly remove and use the urine in the testing bathroom.

If you’re using a heat pad, remember not to place it directly against your skin to avoid burns.

We have a detailed guide on how to hide urine for a drug test here:  Devices to Hold Urine for Drug Tests That Will Help

Wear loose clothes

Lastly, consider your attire on the day of the test. You will be required to remove hats and jackets, so wearing loose clothes can help conceal the synthetic urine more effectively.

Loose clothing also makes it easier to access the urine when you’re in the testing bathroom.

While drug test collectors typically don’t pat down, loose-fitting clothes can provide an extra layer of concealment.

By following these precautions and preparing adequately, you can increase your chances of avoiding detection.

How to use synthetic urine properly

To use synthetic urine properly, you need to ensure it’s discreetly hidden on your body and at the right temperature when you submit it.

The temperature of the urine is usually the first thing checked, and if it’s out of the normal range (90 °F to 100 °F or 32 °C to 38 °C), you might be asked to provide another sample under direct observation.

How to warm urine for a drug test

Warming the urine to the correct temperature is crucial. Heat pads can be used, but they might take some time to get the urine up to temperature.

A quicker method is preheating the urine using a microwave or warm water before you leave for the test.

If your kit includes heat activator powder, you can bring the urine up to the right temperature within seconds. Just be careful to monitor the temperature strip closely to avoid overheating.

Once the urine is preheated, you need to maintain that temperature until it’s time to submit the sample.

The method will depend on the type of kit you have.

You might place the container close to your body, in areas like the groin or bra, where body heat can help maintain the temperature.

Alternatively, you could attach a heat pad to the container. If you’re using a more sophisticated kit like the Urinator, which comes with an electric urine warmer, you’ll simply need to turn it on.

For more detailed guidance, consult a comprehensive guide on how to keep synthetic urine at the right temperature for drug tests.

How to hide the fake urine

Before the drug test, you’ll be asked to remove your hat and jacket and empty your pockets.

This means you can’t simply hide the bottle in your pocket. It’s crucial to place the urine discreetly on your body and secure it well.

The most common spots for hiding are the groin area and bra.

Products like the Incognito Belt or Urinator are discreetly placed around your waist, making them worry-free options.

Alternatively, stash boxers offer a special underwear design with a convenient pocket for hiding synthetic urine. Another option is a stash leg belt, a leg belt with a discreet pocket. It’s effective but might be less convenient for walking.

How long does synthetic urine last?

The shelf life of synthetic urine is typically 1-2 years; check the manufacturer’s information on the box.

Once opened, bacteria start to grow, so it’s best used within 24 hours. If you have leftover urine, keep it in the fridge for up to 24 hours or freeze it for up to 6 months.

Signals that your urine is spoiled

Watch for visual changes indicating the urine isn’t fresh:

  • Color Changes: Fresh urine varies from pale yellow to deep amber. Over time, it may darken.
  • Clarity: Fresh urine is clear, but it may become cloudy over time.
  • Sediment Formation: Sediments or crystals can form, especially in alkaline or concentrated urine.
  • Surface Film: A film may develop on the surface due to fats, proteins, or bacterial growth.
  • Odor Changes: The smell of urine can become strong and ammonia-like as it breaks down.

Mixing real urine with synthetic urine or old urine with fresh urine will spoil both samples. Avoid doing this.

Proper storage methods

Synthetic urine can be stored until its expiration date if you follow the kit’s storage directions.

Once opened, bacteria growth begins, so if you have a multi-use bottle, store the remaining urine in a cool place for up to 24 hours or freeze it for longer storage.

Always handle and store the product as directed to maintain its integrity.

The Best Methods for Storing Pee for an Upcoming Drug Test

Adhere to expiration dates

It’s crucial not to use synthetic urine after its expiration date. The consequences of failing a drug test can be severe and life-altering.

Expired urine has a higher risk of failing the test due to potential changes in its composition, so don’t take that risk.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, when it comes to the best synthetic urine on the market, several options stand out.

Based on our analysis, we highly recommend Quick Luck as the best synthetic urine overall for various tests. Its comprehensive formula, realistic composition, and ability to mimic natural urine make it a top choice for those seeking reliable results.

However, if budget is not a constraint and you are looking for the absolute best synthetic urine kit available, the Incognito Belt is undoubtedly the frontrunner.

The product offers a complete package that includes synthetic urine, reliable heat pads to maintain its temperature, and a discreet method to carry the synthetic urine to the drug testing service.

If you are looking for a budget and reliable synthetic urine, consider Sub Solution. Although the price is reasonable, it’s worth mentioning that you’ll need to set aside some time to prepare the mixture. Furthermore, you’ll need to find a way to conceal the heat activator powder bottle.

Ultimately, the choice of synthetic urine will depend on individual needs and circumstances.

It is crucial to thoroughly understand the requirements of the test and select the most appropriate option accordingly. Whichever product you choose from our recommended options, rest assured that they have been thoroughly evaluated and deemed the best synthetic urine solutions available.


What is fake or synthetic urine made of?

The composition of synthetic urine typically includes:

  • Water: The primary component, as in real urine.
  • Urea: To replicate the nitrogenous compounds found in urine.
  • Creatinine: A breakdown product of creatine phosphate in muscle, usually present in urine.
  • Uric Acid: Another common component in urine.
  • pH Level: Adjusted to match the typical range of human urine, usually around 4.6 to 8.
  • Electrolytes: Such as sodium, potassium, and chloride to simulate the salt content.
  • Colorants to mimic the natural yellow hue of urine and may include other compounds to make them more closely resemble the composition of natural urine

Can a lab tell if your urine is old and in the fridge for 2 weeks?

A lab tests urine for temperature, appearance, validity, and drugs.

While a validity test might not detect the age of the urine, old urine can become contaminated with bacteria, change color, and have particles appear, which will be noticeable during a visual inspection.

However, proper storage can keep urine fresh, and labs typically can’t detect properly stored urine’s age.

If you need to store it for 2 weeks, freezing is a viable option. For more information, read our detailed guide on how to store urine for a drug test.

Where to buy fake pee for a drug test?

We strongly recommend buying from trusted online sellers only.

The market is flooded with cheap, low-quality synthetic urines that could put you at risk of failing your drug test.

Consider the consequences and whether saving a bit of money is worth the potential fallout.

How much synthetic urine do i need?

For a standard urine test, you’ll need a minimum of 30 mL of urine. For a US Department of Transportation (DOT) collection, you’ll need at least 45 mL.

Make sure your synthetic urine kit provides enough to meet these requirements.

How to make synthetic urine (DIY)? Is it possible?

Theoretically, creating synthetic urine at home is possible. However, it requires specific ingredients and a solid understanding of chemistry.

Attempting to make synthetic urine yourself can be risky and complicated. It’s generally not worth the effort when professionally made products are available.

Does walmart or walgreens sell synthetic urine?

No, Walmart and Walgreens do not sell synthetic urine due to ethical considerations and legal restrictions. Many states have banned the sale of synthetic urine, making it illegal to sell or deliver to these locations.

Is there any female synthetic urine kit? Is there unisex synthetic urine available?

Synthetic urine is unisex. Labs test urine for temperature, appearance, validity, and drugs but don’t check the gender of the donor.

Therefore, any high-quality synthetic urine can be used regardless of the user’s sex.

Does synthetic urine work for LabCorp urine tests?

LabCorp and other labs can detect synthetic urine if the client has ordered a specific validity check that tests for synthetic compounds. However, high-quality synthetic urine is designed to pass these checks. The risk of detection increases with cheap and low-quality synthetic urine.

How many states currently have laws banning the use or sale of synthetic urine?

At least seventeen states in the U.S. have laws or pending legislation banning the use or sale of synthetic urine, including Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kansas, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Utah, West Virginia, and Wisconsin.

Other states have some form of legislation in place regarding the banning of synthetic urine.

These laws often make selling, distributing, or using fake urine samples illegal, as well as advertising and manufacturing fake urine.

What is the shelf life of synthetic urine?

The shelf life of synthetic urine typically ranges from 1 to 2 years when unopened and stored properly.

Once opened, its effectiveness might decrease significantly, usually lasting up to 24 hours. To ensure the longest shelf life, follow the manufacturer’s storage instructions, which often involve keeping the product in a cool, dark place. Some brands may include preservatives to extend shelf life.

Always check the expiration date and follow the specific instructions provided with your product for the best results.