New Hampshire Connects for Health Conference

The second summit for NH Connects for Health was held at the Radisson Hotel, Manchester NH on Tuesday, June 20th. Health industry leaders from across the state attended this one-day event which centered on Health Information Exchange and the potential for New Hampshire’s health community to link together to realize system savings and enhanced quality of care for all NH residents of NH. Attendees learned about the local initiatives in NH promoting health information exchange and also heard from initiatives currently underway throughout the other New England states.

Governor John Lynch announced that New Hampshire has entered into a subcontract through the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to address privacy and security policy questions affecting electronic clinical information-sharing.

“I specifically charged the Finance and Information Team with exploring the creation of a Health Information Network and determining how such a network could help us improve all aspects of the health care system – quality, business and operations. And I am pleased that we recently received a $350,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to assist with this effort, New Hampshire Connects for Health.”

Governor Lynch also highlighted the NH Interconnectivity Project objectives, activities and measures for improving health care through information and information technology.

“Let me take a brief step back and define what we are looking for from New Hampshire Connects for Health.

We are looking for a system that will include electronic medical records, a system that will allow us to reduce medical errors, reduce duplicative procedures, control costs, help with encouraging pay for performance for health care providers, and ensure that patients are getting the highest standards of care.

To move forward with New Hampshire Connects for Health, first, we need to know what’s already out there. We are surveying health care providers of every type, and conducting many one-on-one interviews as well, to find out what is the technological capacity of New Hampshire’s health care providers, how are they using technology, what obstacles we face, and what opportunities we have to use technology to improve care.

With the results of the survey and the interviews, we will assemble a road map for how New Hampshire can take full advantage of a thoughtfully conceived, secure and robust system of interconnected health care information.”

Janet Marchiboda, CEO of eHealth Initiative addressed the federal and state health information exchange initiatives. Download a copy of her presentation, and those of the other conference presenters, from the Links to the left. (link to each PPT in the right-hand box)

As a result of this exciting convening, the University of New Hampshire, with the support of the NH Citizens’ Health Initiative is moving forward with phase two planning for a NH statewide Health Information Exchange system.

If you would like to learn more about this summit, or are interested in becoming involved in a planning workgroup, Contact Amy Schwartz at or Robert McGrath at .

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